Find Your Fit

Your Fit

The Benni comes in Medium and Large, and the Lotus comes in Small and Medium. The chart below shows how to measure your face to get the best fit.

Take Your Measurements

Measure from the bridge of your nose to the bottom of your chin.

Select Your Size:  The Benni The Lotus
Small N/A 5 - 5.75 in / 13 - 14.5 cm
Medium 6.75 in / 17 cm 5.75 - 7 in / 14.5 - 18 cm
Large 8 in / 20 cm N/A
*We have found that most average women (and men) fit a medium-size well. People with larger faces and above-average builds tend to prefer the large size (Benni). People with smaller faces and builds tend to prefer the small size (Lotus).